What is Merchant Lendr and how does it work?
Merchant Lendr is the gateway to alternative financing options for America's entrepreneurs. We work with a network of trusted alternative lenders to find you the perfect loan. No matter how unique your needs, our lenders have the solution for you.
3 Painless Steps To Fast Funding
1. Sign up in seconds
It only takes a few seconds. Use the short form above to provide some details about your business.
2. Get Approved
Have a short consultation with an advisor to find your perfect loan options. 98% of applicants get approved.
3. Funding in 48 hours
After approval, it takes up to 48 hours to get your loan. That's it! You can move forward with your new working capital.
The fastest way to get funding for your business, without the bankers.
We cut the middleman bankers out of the picture. No more 6-week approval process only to receive a rejection letter by your local bank.
Flexible funding for any business need.
Choose how you allocate your funds. Need capital for a new rock-star employee hire? New marketing agency? We work with you to design the perfect funding solution for your needs.
We needed a loan to catch up with payroll and had the amount we needed within 48 hours! Awesome service, thank you! I'll be recommending your service to others in my community.

Tom Gray - Funded 25 days ago
We were in dire straits with our family business and almost declared bankruptcy. Merchant Lendr came through with a $80K loan and got us back on our feet!

Maria Espinosa - Funded 10 days ago
Ready to get started? Get working capital in 48 hours or less.
It takes only 2 minutes to fill out our secure online application. There's no cost, no obligation, and no risk to using this free service. Apply with confidence.
No business or personal credit? No problem!
No paperwork or personal credit check to get started. We approve 98% of applicants with no credit, or even poor credit.
 Talk to a real live person, not a banker!
Talk to a real USA-based lending professional who will walk you through your options and help you find the perfect loan for your business.
Get funding FAST, within 48 hours!
You can have the working capital you need for any business loan type within 48 hours*.
 Any type of business loan serviced.
We work with you to find the perfect loan type for your business, whether it's working capital, or funds for a new hire - you're covered!
 Transparent terms and a simple process.
With a simple, transparent process from start to finish, always keep your eye on your payment schedule and keep your finger on what's owed.
 We've matched thousands of loans to SMBs
Our network of trusted lenders have worked with thousands of small to medium-sized businesses to find them the perfect loan. Are you next?

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